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Employee Referral Program

RS Solutions, LLC encourages you to identify and refer qualified candidates for available positions within the company. The Employee Referral program offers cash bonus to employees whose referrals are subsequently hired for full-time employment at RS Solutions. RS Solutions will pay a bonus of $1,000.00 for all regular full-time employees referred through the Employees Referral Program. Bonus will be awarded the pay-period following the new employee’s start date. Bonus awards are considered taxable income by the IRS; Payroll will withhold taxes on bonus paid at the time of disbursement.


All regular and contract employees are eligible to participate in this program (exceptions listed below) The employee must be the initial source of the referral. The referring employee must be on the RS Solutions, LLC payroll, both at the time of the referral and at the time when the bonus is payable.


Hiring Manager or any members of the management team (Director level and above) referring individuals to positions within their own management structure (or department). Applicants whose resumes are first received through employment agencies, search firms, participation in job fairs or conferences, or through ads, postings, online announcements or other direct recruiting efforts. Referral of immediate family members (defined as spouse, parent, or child.) Referral of former RS Solutions, LLC. employees.

Process for Submitting Referrals:

To refer a candidate, submit a completed Employee Referral form and a resume to Human Resources prior to the candidate’s interview. Referrals are effective for twelve months. When two or more employees refer the same candidate and the candidate is subsequently hired, the referral bonus is paid to the employee who first submitted the referral.

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